In Mango Whiteboard Animation Maker, you can add text to your video, to make your video more persuasive.

Step1. Click “Text” on the right-side toolbar > click “Add Text”, or choose one sample text below.

Step 2: Customize the parameter of the text.

1. You can select the text on the canvas, and change the font on the right-side toolbar.

2. You can customize the opacity of the text, and add shadow to it.

3. Right click the text on the timeline > click “Property Settings”. There are many parameters of it.

1> Add Auto Focus Effect, and the camera will focus on the shape, you can customize the focus scale.

2> Add Paper Cutting Effect. You can freely select the color and change the size of the effect.

3> Add Black and White Effect.

4> Add Black Shadow Effect.

5> Add Old TV Effect.

6> Add Motion Blur.

7> Add Moving Shadow Effect.

By this way, your text will be more noticeable.