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How to make a birthday invitation video?

Step 1: Open Mango Animate AM Open Mango Animate AM on your computer and start a new project. Step 2: Choose a Template On the main interface, select a birthday-related template that fits your taste and meets your needs. Mango Animate AM offers plenty of options. Step 3: Edit the Template Customize various aspects of the template to fit your theme. Change the text included in the template, upload your own photos or videos, pick fonts, choose appropriate colors, and adjust the layout accordingly. Step 4: Add Animated Elements Use the built-in animated characters, icons, shapes, and other elements to make your invitation video more engaging and lively. You can adjust the duration and speed of each animated element added. Step 5: Record Your Voiceover Mango Animate AM offers an option to record a voiceover directly to the video. Use an external microphone to record a clear and professional-sounding message. The length of the video will depend on the length of your voiceover. Step 6: Add Background Music Browse through the vast library of royalty-free background music included in Mango Animate AM. Pick the suitable one, adjust the volume, and place it wherever you want. Step 7: Preview and Publish Preview your video before finalizing your project. Check for any errors or changes. Afterwards, publish the video, choose your preferred format (mp4, gif, or MOV), and save it to your computer. In conclusion, by following these steps, you can easily create a unique and personalized birthday invitation video with Mango Animate AM.

2023-03-08 15:40:43