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Where can i create animated videos for free?

Step 1: Download and Install Mango Animate AM Firstly, download and install Mango Animate AM on your computer. Then create a new project file. Step 2: Choose a Template Mango Animate AM provides hundreds of ready-made templates for a wide range of industries such as education, business, health, and entertainment. Browse through the templates and pick the one that suits your topic. Step 3: Create and Customize Scenes Next, create and add multiple scenes to your project. Personalize each scene by adding various media such as images, audio, video, and text. Add animation effects to each element to make the video more engaging. Step 4: Record Your Voiceover Record your voiceover or upload an existing audio file into the project. Adjust the timing of the voiceover and animations to match the pace. Step 5: Animate the Scenes Use Mango Animate AM's animation studio, to animate characters to speak, move, and express emotions. Also, add transition effects between slides to make video flow better. Step 6: Preview the Video Preview the entire video to check the timing, transitions, and pacing. Make any necessary adjustments or changes. Step 7: Publish and Share Finally, save your video and publish it on YouTube channel. Share your video on social media and any platforms relevant to your targeted audience. Conclusion Mango Animate AM is an easy-to-use, free DIY animated video maker that has a unique combination of animation tools and libraries. Use these steps to create animated videos for YouTube or any other platform quickly and efficiently.

2023-03-08 15:52:47