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How to add animated text to the video?

1. Choose a video editing software that supports the addition of animated text. Mango Animate TM is one such software. 2. Open the software and import the video you want to add animated text to. 3. Locate the text animation feature in the software's tool menu. 4. Select the type of animation you want to use. Mango Animate TM provides a wide range of text animation options. 5. Use the software's text editor to type in the text you want to animate. 6. Select the font, size, and color of the text. 7. Place the text wherever you want it to appear in the video. 8. Choose the animation duration and timing. 9. Preview the animation to ensure it is aligned with your vision for the video. 10. Export the video with the animated text added. Note: These steps are general and may not be specific to Mango Animate TM. Consider referring to that software's tutorials for more detailed instructions.

2023-03-07 17:14:20