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How to make your own animation?

1. Come up with an idea or a story for your animation. 2. Create a storyboard that outlines the different scenes and how they will transition from one to another. 3. Choose your software platform, in this case, Mango Animate AM. 4. Plan out the characters, setting, and other visual elements you will need to create the animation. 5. Start creating the assets you need, including characters, scenery, and props. 6. Animate the elements according to the storyboard you created. Mango Animate AM provides features like motion paths, animations, and transitions. 7. Add sound effects or music to enhance the overall experience of your animation. 8. Review, test, and refine your work until you are satisfied with the final product. 9. Export your animation as a video or other formats that suit your needs. By following these steps, you can create a captivating and engaging animation using Mango Animate AM. Just give it a try!

2023-03-08 15:53:17