Make AI Videos with Talking Avatars

Your AI Video Generator to Create Videos Using Text and Photos

Text to Animation
Convert text to animation with a talking AI avatar
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Text & Image to Video
Turn text and images to video with a talking AI avatar
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Talking Head Video
Make an AI avatar talking directly to the camera with subtitles
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Talking Photo
Turn a still portrait photo into a talking presenter
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Human-like AI Avatars
Elevate your video with a professional AI avatar. Our avatars mimic human expressions naturally with precise lip-syncing. Choose from diverse avatars or import your portrait photo to make lifelike AI videos.
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ai video templates
Our prebuilt video templates are designed for all your needs, some of which are customizable. Also available in vertical format, creating eye-catching AI videos has never been simpler.
AI Voiceover
Convert text to speech online with our AI voice generator. Choose the perfect AI voice for your video. Men, women, and child voices are available for different types of AI videos.
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face swap online
Face Swap
Swap faces from portrait photos onto AI avatars online. Reface an avatar with just one portrait photo, and apply it to your AI video.
How to Make an AI Video in 3 Steps?
1. Select a Video Template
Use online video templates and start to create.
2. Enter Text and Choose an AI Voice
Type or paste your text, and choose an AI voice.
3. Generate, Share or Download
Generate the video, share on social media or download for offline use.
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generate ai video with mango ai
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John R. Mitchell
What truly sets Mango AI apart is its collection of video templates, enabling me to produce high-quality AI videos with unprecedented speed. As a marketer, time is of the essence. Mango AI has significantly streamlined my workflow, allowing me to focus on strategy and creativity rather than grappling with intricate tools.
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Brian S. Reynolds
I've been thoroughly impressed with Mango AI、 AI video generator that streamlines my workflow and enhances the overall quality of my content.
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Angela D. Carter
Mango AI is beginner-friendly and easy to use. With its prebuilt video templates, I make compelling AI videos for my lessons faster than ever. This online AI video generator enables lessons fastercuss ever. This online AI video generator enables genmeator to foables genmeerator to video generator enables genmeator to foables genmeerator to video generator enables genmeator on the knowledge I am going to teach.
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Christopher M. Bennett
What I like best about Mango AI is its advanced features for making AI videos. Creating videos with AI avatars is much easier than I thought. It is a full-featured AI video maker that saves my time and effort.
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