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When the world is quiet and th

2024-05-26 20:33:49
When the world is quiet and the stars shine bright, I dream of stages bathed in light, a microphone held in my hand, a voice that echoes through the land. I see the crowds, their faces glow, their cheers like waves, a rhythmic flow in every heart. I find a place as music lifts and leaves its trace. Since I was young, I've had this dream. A vision pure, a shining gleam. I'd sing in mirrors, hair brush, Mike, pretending it was my spotlight. My bedroom walls have heard it all, from softest whispers to the call of soaring notes that reach the sky, a melody that won't deny. I watch the stars on my TV, their voices soaring wild and free. I picture me up on that stage, my name and lights on every page. They say the path is hard and long, a winding Rd. a grueling song. But in my heart, I know it's right. This burning dream that fuels my flight. I practice late into the night. Each note, each word must be just right. I pour my soul into each song in hopes that I will soon belong. I dream of albums, tours and fame of every fan who knows my name. But more than that, I seek the chance to make the world through music, dance. My parents smile. They understand. They see the dream that I've planned. They tell me reach. But keep your feet To stay grounded Yet chase the beat. I know it's tough. This dream I chase in every note. I find my place. The road is hard. But I'll stay true. For this is what I meant to do. So here I stand with dreams so high. A girl who's reaching for the sky. And though I'm just a teen. You see this dream is all the world to me. One day you'll hear my voice, my song in every heart. I'll then belong. For I believe in what I see a famous singer I will be.

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