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There was a time, not long ago

2024-05-26 20:16:19
There was a time, not long ago, when darkness gripped my soul. You know, a teenage heart so full of pain, seeking refuge in the rain. The world was harsh, A stormy sea, and drugs became a friend to me. In shadows I would try to hide. With every hit, my spirit died. It started slow, a harmless thrill, a way to chase away the chill. But soon the high became my chain, a prison wrought with silent pain. I'd look in mirrors, see a ghost, a haunted girl who'd lost the most. My family cried. My friends withdrew in a world that felt so cold and blue. Yet somewhere deep inside my heart, a spark of hope refused to part. I knew this wasn't who I'd be. A girl trapped by dependency. One night, beneath A starlit sky, I found the strength to say goodbye to broken dreams, to wasted days, to empty highs and toxic haze. The road to freedom wasn't straight. It took resolve. It took some fate with every step. I fought the fight to bring my soul back to the light. Now mornings greet me with their grace, and sunlight warms my upturned face. I see the world with clearer eyes. No longer lost in desperate lies. I've found new ways to feel alive. With sober breath, I now revive. The pain has passed. The wounds will heal. In time, I'll learn again. To feel. My family's here, their love so strong in their embrace. I now belong. My friends returned. They never left their faith in me. My greatest gift. I tell my story so you'll know that even in the darkest woe, there is a path, a way to be. A life that's full, a heart that's free. I am that girl who broke her chains, who found her way through all the pains. A testament to hope and grace. A soul redeemed a smiling face.

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