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Hi everyone! My name is Alex, and today I'm super excited to share with you some amazing tricks from Vedic Mathematics!

2024-05-27 03:02:44
First, let me tell you what Vedic Mathematics is. It's a special way of doing math that comes from ancient India. It uses 16 special tricks called sutras to make math easy and fun. Today, I'll show you a few of my favorite tricks that you can use to impress your friends and family!Let's start with a simple addition trick. Imagine you want to add 47 and 28. Normally, you might use your fingers or a calculator, but with Vedic Math, we can do it in our heads! Here's how:Step 1: Find the closest 10s for both numbers. For 47, it's 50, and for 28, it's 30. Step 2: Add these round numbers together. So, 50 plus 30 equals 80. Step 3: Now, we need to subtract the extra amounts we added. We added 3 to 47 and 2 to 28, so we subtract 3 and 2 from 80. That gives us 80 minus 5, which is 75. So, 47 plus 28 equals 75! Isn't that cool?Next, let's try subtraction. Let's subtract 18 from 42. Step 1: Find the closest 10s. For 42, it's 40, and for 18, it's 20. Step 2: Subtract these round numbers. So, 40 minus 20 equals 20. Step 3: Now, we add the differences. We subtracted 2 from 42 and 2 from 18, so we add 2 and 2 to 20. That gives us 20 plus 4, which is 24. So, 42 minus 18 equals 24!

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